Safety Town

Safety Town is a walk through simulation that teaches elementary students the dangers and rules of the road. It stresses the importance of paying attention to your surroundings as a pedestrian.

Safety Fair

Safety Fair was a two-day event created by college students designed to give high schoolers tips and instructions on safety topics; such as, internet, drugs, and alcohol, nutritional, and outdoor safety.

Bus Monitoring

Bus monitoring is a program that teaches students that the rules they learn not only applies to the classroom but also extends outside to the bus. The intent of this program is to have fourth and fifth graders fulfill the role of bus monitors and set the example for the younger bus riders. This program is intended to limit the number of bus-related incidents for the schools.

Internet Safety

Internet Safety is a simulation teaching the dangers of the internet. The students had a “mock conversation” with a potential predator and went through different scenarios on how to talk to predators.