The Fight to Breathe

By Shrada Mamidii I’m a relatively healthy person who’s never had any extreme medical conditions that have stopped me from doing something I want to do. One day, after not going to the gym for over a month, I decided to sprint the track with a couple of my friends. I kept pushing myself until I was literally out of

Fun at the Cost of Safety

By Danny Lee As young adults, we want to live life to the fullest. What does that mean? It simply means that we want to have fun – and what’s wrong with that?! Young adults have fun while doing a wide variety of activities, including going to the movies with friends, hanging out at home, and going to concerts. While

Safety in Winter Wonderland

By Megan Cross The month of February brings the harsh reality of winter to many people who live in areas like Western New York. Growing up in an area where snowfall is common during this time of year brings about memories of making snowmen, having snowball fights and going sledding; however, it also brings to mind memories of my parents

Just Because It’s Smokeless, Doesn’t Mean It’s Harmless

By Nick Gregorio Smokeless tobacco goes by many names – chewing tobacco, chew, dip, snuff, and pinch, among others. Regardless of what it’s called, and whatever slight differences might exist in using each of the different forms, all types of smokeless tobacco have the same effects on your body. And yes, despite whatever misconceptions you may have heard, it is

Crisis Control: Alcohol Poisoning

By Aayushi Sardana What is Alcohol Poisoning, What are its symptoms and what do you do when you know someone experiencing it?             Alcohol Poisoning is the over consumption of alcohol in a short period of time. Alcohol is categorized as a depressant so when consumed it is responsible for depressing the activity of the Central Nervous System. Here is

Be Prepared

By Anna Martin When I went to college I thought my mom was crazy. In my car she packed blankets, a first aid kit, spare money, food, a knife, pepper spray, toilet paper, and I’m still finding things that she slipped in there. At first, I thought that the stress of me leaving college got to her and she was

What Safety Means to Me

Indu Seeni It is not an unusual thing for me to wake up with bruises. I laugh at myself, as do others, for the ridiculous amount of times I just injure myself without even realizing it. But whatever right? Accidents happen. A few years ago, my cousin went home to her son from a long day of work at the