Fun at the Cost of Safety

Fun at the Cost of Safety

By Danny Lee

As young adults, we want to live life to the fullest. What does that mean? It simply means that we want to have fun – and what’s wrong with that?! Young adults have fun while doing a wide variety of activities, including going to the movies with friends, hanging out at home, and going to concerts. While partaking in fun activities, it is important to remember that having a good time doesn’t mean endangering oneself or even ignoring basic safety precautions.

Who doesn’t like music? It would be hard to meet anyone today who doesn’t enjoy music, whether the music they listen to includes chart-toppers from Beyoncé or breakout hits from less well-known musicians. Everyone likes music, going out to a concert, or finding people that have the same taste in music. While going to concerts and shows can be very enjoyable, it’s important to know that safety is of the utmost importance at these events even while you’re having fun.

During my experiences at concerts, I have often seen people who don’t take care of themselves because it’s too troublesome to weave through the crowd to get to the water station or because they drink alcohol excessively. Unfortunately, drugs are also often abused at concerts, regardless of whether the show is a country or rap concert. When these types of things happen, it’s up to other audience members to notice what’s going on. When you observe something unsafe, you have to do what you can to get the person in danger the attention they need. I have seen people at concerts who have collapsed simply because they weren’t hydrated enough. Getting help from EMT services in those situations could mean the difference between a short hospital visit or a prolonged one with complications.

Though we are young adults and a little part of us might want to live up to the stereotype of absolute energy and partying, it’s important to keep in mind that all of the energy and partying in a concert atmosphere means nothing if even one person is left without help when he or she needs it. Be a young adult, have fun, but most importantly, be vigilant and safe while you’re at it. Going to concerts is a privilege and experience, what’s the point of spoiling that?