Safety in Winter Wonderland

Safety in Winter Wonderland

By Megan Cross

The month of February brings the harsh reality of winter to many people who live in areas like Western New York. Growing up in an area where snowfall is common during this time of year brings about memories of making snowmen, having snowball fights and going sledding; however, it also brings to mind memories of my parents nagging my siblings and me to make sure that we dress properly to protect ourselves from the cold.

As children, my siblings and I had assumed that our parents always over exaggerated things, and we therefore neglected to listen to them at times. We all learned the importance of listening to our parents’ advice about dressing properly for the cold the hard way when my sister got sick and was told that she had pneumonia. She wasn’t allowed to go outside or do much since she was stuck inside recovering. For most children, not being able to go outside and enjoy the excitement of winter makes them feel left out, as they are missing an exciting part of the merry season. Protecting ourselves from the harsh circumstances that winter brings can allow us to be safe and healthy.

Winter means cold weather and cold weather means snow and ice. There are many people, I included, that enjoy this gift of wintry precipitation. While some may see snow as a delight, others may loathe the presence of snow and ice. I have many friends that grew up in areas where there was minimal snowfall, and because of this, they are not used to driving in icy conditions. Taking caution while travelling on the roads by driving slowly will help prevent dangerous mishaps from occurring.

Winter is a season that is loved by many but is also one that caution needs to be exercised for.