Be Prepared

Be Prepared

By Anna Martin

When I went to college I thought my mom was crazy. In my car she packed blankets, a first aid kit, spare money, food, a knife, pepper spray, toilet paper, and I’m still finding things that she slipped in there. At first, I thought that the stress of me leaving college got to her and she was completely over-reacting, but now, I’m incredibly grateful that she decided to send me off to school with a small arsenal of supplies.

               I live ten hours away from Saint Bonaventure and with that long of a car ride, just about anything could go wrong. People are commonly ill-prepared for situations because they never think about them until the situation throws itself directly in their path. If I ever was stranded or my car broke down, knowing that I have supplies in my immediate reach comforts me (and my mother).  Being a good driver is not enough, because you have to factor in all the other “idiots” on the road. I wish I could say that everyone deserves their license, but I am dumbstruck by some of my own friends’ driving capabilities and how they ever managed to pass their driving test.

               Being aware of your own personal driving strengths and weakness—this awareness can save your life (and others on the road). If you know that you can’t drive well in the dark, then don’t drive over that winding hill at 60mph. If everyone slowed down and used their common sense a lot of unnecessary accidents would be prevented.  For long rides make sure to take breaks even when you don’t think you’re tired, it can make a huge difference. Limit the distractions we’ve all heard them—no texting, don’t drink and drive; don’t drive drowsy; don’t drive when you are upset all of these precautions can help you be prepared for the worse.

               Many times people do not take the consequences of their actions seriously because many times, they get away with texting without any harm to anyone: but many people over look the fact that it only takes one time, one mistake, to permanently alter their (and other’s) lives. Not going on automatic and remembering the simplest of safety tips can make such a huge difference. A lot of times people find themselves in situations they never expected, but if they did even the tiniest preparation they could avoid needless pain and harm.