What Safety Means to Me

What Safety Means to Me

Indu Seeni

It is not an unusual thing for me to wake up with bruises. I laugh at myself, as do others, for the ridiculous amount of times I just injure myself without even realizing it. But whatever right? Accidents happen.

A few years ago, my cousin went home to her son from a long day of work at the hospital. The next day her son had a high fever. But she wasn’t too worried, and neither was her husband; I mean, kids get sick, and this kid had two doctors as parents. Yet the next morning, my nephew had had a seizure and was lying unconscious in bed.

Mistakes and accidents happen. We don’t know when life is going to hit us with a curveball, as cliché as that sounds. What happened to my nephew is rare – no one could have foreshadowed this incident happening. However, that is also the part that hurts the most. Of all the people in the world, did it have to be this little boy? Of all the mistakes that had been made for his care, none were intentional. Yet, the suffering and pain was still there.

My goals to encourage safety are not to lecture people on the right and wrong way to behave. To me, safety is about being aware. There is so much that we don’t know in the world, and we want to explore it. We should want to explore it, in fact. We just have to go about it the right way.

Sure, being risky is fun, and there’s a thrill you get from adventures that you can’t always get from “safe” play. I guess the only thing we can ask for is to know what we might be getting ourselves into. We all know bad things happen; we just also think it won’t happen to us. And that’s also how all unintentional injuries happen. So, does it hurt to pause for a moment and think about what could happen next?

Just pause.